Youth Advisory Committee

VOICE (Vision and Opportunity Inspiring Community Engagement), PYS’ youth advisory committee, exists to improve the comfort and communication surrounding services for youth by providing a way for youth to express their voices and bridging the gap between youth perspectives and adult experiences. Our goals include decreasing the stigma surrounding counselling, providing staff with first hand access to youth perspectives and experiences with counselling and to give youth an opportunity to make their voices heard. We meet regularly at PYS. If you are between the ages of 13 to 25 and are keen on joining then contact us at Send Mail or (705) 743-1681.

Family Engagement/Involvement Opportunities:

In addition to our Youth Advisory Committee, PYS is committed to providing opportunities for youth, parents/caregivers and family members to offer feedback and input into our services and how we deliver them to youth and families. Participation in committees, strategic planning processes and focus groups are some examples of family partnerships. If you would like more information about family engagement opportunities, please contact us at (705)743-1681 or at [email protected]