Staff of PYS

Connie Agostino, Community Response Team:

Tasha Chase, Administrator/Reception,

Jackie Clements, Counsellor,

Sue Gastle, Counsellor,

Ray Godin, Counsellor,

Heather Holland, Executive Director,

Michele Laviolette, Community Support Team and Intensive Supervision and Support Program Coordinator,

Anne Leavens, Counsellor,

Janice Maloney, Consultant to the Community Support Team; Intensive Supervision & Support Program,

Liz McFadden, Clinical Youth Outreach Worker,

Sylvie Morgan, Community Response Team,

Tracey Murfin, Clinical Supervisor,

Michael Peddle, Counsellor,

Rose Powers, Community Response Team,

Kate Reason, Bookkeeper,

Annette Vlieg, Counsellor,