Here are some contributions from some of the youth that have come to PYS:

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Advice to kids who s parents are separated:

If your parents are separated and they fight allot just know that its there choice to fight and argue you have nothing to do with it and it’s not your fault, but don’t get involved. Most importantly just remember they still love you. If your parents talk about each other to you and you want them to stop you could always ask them to stop and if they don’t you can tell a trusted adult. The adult that you would tell could simply ask your parent/guardian to stop and ask them to tell them why. The reason I would tell an adult would be because I was too scared to ask the parent(s) to stop or too nervous. If you hear your parents fighting try to distract yourself with a video game, drawing, bike ride, go to a friend’s house, watch TV, etc. Or maybe even talk to somebody. When your parents were separated its ok to be sad, un-happy, or angry.  Remember: the reason why your parents are separating is because they are not happy living with each other any more and it’s not your fault. Finally you don’t have to choose between one or the other you can always love them both!


Age: 11

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