Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) Programs

These programs receive referrals from Probation Services for young persons who have been convicted of an offence while under the age of 18 and received a court ordered disposition to participate.

The Community Support Team began in 1995 as a new program in the four counties of Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes, Halliburton, and Northumberland. The program mandate is to provide community based services, including clinical and non-clinical supports, to high risk young offenders to assist in rehabilitation and reintegration into their home communities with the intention of reducing re-offending.

The Intensive Supervision and Support Program began in 2006 as an optional YCJA sentence which is accessed as a court ordered condition of Probation. The mandate is to provide a rehabilitative alternative to custody for young persons with identified serious mental health issues and/or developmental delays who have been found guilty of an offence warranting custody and who would be considered extremely vulnerable in a custodial setting.

Both programs are based on a “wrap around” approach that allows for the development of a comprehensive, holistic, individualized service plan for the child and family which is driven by the particular needs of each client that brings to bear all of the needed treatment services and supports.